Educating Centuries,Gaining Preceptive.

To connect with your life force,you need to embrace who you are and submit to God.

The phenomenal Genius.
  • Imagination is greater than knowledge.
    What if ? The question that shapes and transforms lives. Imagine we all loved ourselves,Madly. We would speak to ourselves with respect and regard, we won’t shut down ourselves or our emotions when they come up. We would speak up! We would speak up in public places. We would speak to ourselves with fulfilling loveContinue reading “Imagination is greater than knowledge.”
  • Stories from the West of Nigeria.
    The Proverbial Paradox: The truth If you are in Lagos, amongst all the places in the West, you choosed Lagos, then welcome. I welcome you personally because no one will. It is not your father’s house, the sidewalks are filled with shits and is no man’s land. The Cows have legs and must walk too,Continue reading “Stories from the West of Nigeria.”
  • The beautiful African Soul.
    Hair that defies gravity, Skin that never ages, laughter that is full of joy, eyes that gleam into the future and speak of untold tales. Hands which make exuberant crafts the likes never seen before nor heard. Head filled with wisdom and adorned with His blessing and glory. Africa the beautiful soul. Praise to theContinue reading “The beautiful African Soul.”
  • Immigrants 2.
    The story of Ben Carson Dear Ijewale…. Hair that defies gravity, skin that glows in the sun. Enchanted Chocolate eyes. Race is everywhere in subtle tones. The brute force and violence depicted in America makes it painfully clear that black lives are not valued.Not only this, but Trump has given indirectly and illegally the nation’sContinue reading “Immigrants 2.”
  • For You
    Love. The only validated emotion of existence that is pure and alive. From the desk of Clarity. I have been off the blogospherical grid for a while, especially during the last few months of the year 2020, and I didn’t get to wish you the customary seasonal greetings for the new year. I am immenselyContinue reading “For You”

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