Perspective is everything.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today, today is a gift.

  • Immigrants 2.
    The story of Ben Carson Dear Ijewale…. Hair that defies gravity, skin that glows in the sun. Enchanted Chocolate eyes. Race is everywhere in subtle tones. The brute force and violence depicted in America makes it painfully clear that black lives are not valued.Not only this, but Trump has given indirectly and illegally the nation’sContinue reading “Immigrants 2.”
  • For You
    Love. The only validated emotion of existence that is pure and alive. From the desk of Clarity. I have been off the blogospherical grid for a while, especially during the last few months of the year 2020, and I didn’t get to wish you the customary seasonal greetings for the new year. I am immenselyContinue reading “For You”
  • Immigrants
    Dear Ijewale, Do you remember what we heard while growing up? How we roamed about the house expecting the arrival of power? We dreamed about America and moving abroad and how we eagerly anticipated news from abroad!. We turned the knobs of our radios and hit the jittery television to hear the wonders of theContinue reading “Immigrants”
  • To Ijewale, Our communal friend.
    A question of life? I recommend that you read this post reflectively and slow. Dear Ijewale….. It’s been so long since we talked and I wish to tell you so many things. I am a man. I have forgotten about that and now I am becoming one. The guilt train is fast and pain accompaniesContinue reading “To Ijewale, Our communal friend.”
  • Preface
    I have modified it, amended what I have learnt.Now I understand I will write in chapters for this book and this is your first chapter -a preface, an introduction to the book.As my friend @, Tovia said giving is something that you do willingly with an open heart, and I have decided to cultivate thatContinue reading “Preface”

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